CFP/CFP2 mini-Mux/Demux

These mini-mux and mini-demux modules are designed to combine or separate 4 wavelengths within a CFP or CFP2 transceiver. The wavelength separation can be designed for channels on 20 nm spacing also referred to as CWDM, as well as 800 GHz channel spacing also referred to as LWDM. The LWDM configuration is available in both the 1310 and the 1550 nm bands.




  • 4 channels
  • CWDM: 20 nm channel spacing with 12 nm pass band
  • LWDM: 800 GHz channel spacing with 360 GHz pass band
  • 1310 nm in CWDM or LWDM or 1550 nm in LWDM


  • 10 km 40GBase CFP Transceiver
  • 40 km 100GBase CFP Transceiver