Subsystems and line Cards


Custom subsystems and linecard solutions

II-VI Photonics is a world leader in custom line card and subsystem solutions. II-VI Photonics’ subsystem solutions have been in successful volume deployment for over a decade with multiple customers. The II-VI Photonics design team has a long history of working closely with their customers to deliver market leading solutions. II-VI custom line cards and subsystem solutions feature unprecedented levels of vertical integration from materials, chips, packaged actives and passives as well as modules.




  • Leading edge high density solutions
  • Optimized optical, electrical and mechanical designs
  • Cost-effective, high value-added features
  • Plug-and-play, health monitoring and optical safety
  • Industry leading control architectures


  • Amplification: EDFA, Raman, Hybrid Raman-EDFA
  • Switching: Multi-cast switching and WSS/ROADM